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Friday, October 15, 2004

AirLok Network Security Routers and Products

I just read an excellent review and a press release of a small company in Vero Beach, FL with a product called AirLok.

Very convincing stuff: some guy has decided to incorporate the functionality of a Cisco Router, Content Cache from Network Appliance, Performance Monitor from HP and other devices in one totally secure box (Press Release) built on the OpenBSD secure OS with a couple AMD processors to manage it all in a single device! Nice!

As quoted from the article:
"The firm's Airlokdevice handles most of the core chores of running a network, signing up new users, checking passwords, routing traffic and, most important of all in this leaky, insecure age, protecting networks from hackers and viruses."

Check out the Website here and the Yahoo Article here.

Could this be the future of internet security?


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