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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Netscape Navigator Browser Archive (& Flash Player Archive as a Bonus)

If you're a designer that is always needing to test a site on older browsers, you will probably have come across the Netscape Archive of outdated browsers. As these browsers have become more and more outdated, the link to this archive has been hidden on Netscape's site several times. I thought it might be useful to publish it here.

Please be aware that several download links from this page are 404 Not Found errors. Obviously I can't guarantee the integrity of this page.

Another useful resource since we're on topic: Macromedia Flash Player Archive - ideal for testing those new flashy SWF's on older players for compatibility.

Unfortunately, there is currently no golden formula for testing websites on old IE browsers, since Microsoft has completely integrated into Windows versions and it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to downgrade your Internet Explorer browser once it's installed! Crazy, right?

Sorry folks - You'll just have to find an old PC with IE 4.0 on it somewhere to do that intense level of quality assurance!


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